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Three friends with brown hair and straigth hair are having fun for the About Sunsilk page

Rethink Pink

With Sunsilk

Sunsilk believes in empowering girls into a future of possibilities, allowing them to stand up and achieve all that is possible within their imagination.

Why we need to Rethink Pink

Pink is the colour that has symbolised “Femininity” and the traditional stereotypes & restrictive norms that surround it. We believe these narrow expectations are impacting young women’s progression and potential, holding them back. Our Rethink Pink campaign aims to break these pink gender stereotypes, to introduce new meanings for Pink and open up possibilities for our young women. We want to celebrate all that it means to be pink, and the possibilities that await. 

Rethink Pink

Breaking gender barriers in STEM

Our research of Australian and New Zealand women shows that young girls feel a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is not achievable for them.  Despite over 80% of women believing STEM is critical to the future, four in five young girls hesitate in choosing STEM study. There is a substantial drop off in the participation of women in STEM from school to tertiary education, with less than half continuing STEM study into tertiary education. 

Nearly half of women believe the gender imbalance is holding Australia & New Zealand back in STEM innovation,  limiting progress & innovation, while approximately 40% believe it is causing bias in technology development and innovation

Young girls’ self-belief and career choices are overwhelmingly impacted by their mothers, but mums feel largely unequipped to support their daughters in this space.

Our partnership with Girl Geek Academy

Sunsilk is partnering with Girl Geek Academy, Australia’s leading STEM organization, to equip young girls for a bright future. Together we are providing a series of free school holiday workshops on STEM subjects to mothers and their daughters, to raise the level of education and awareness of STEM, so they can better understand the career pathways available to them in STEM industries. 

These workshops are designed to destigmatise STEM, through fun topics including, the science behind shampoo, digital designs, and 3D modelling. Together, we are hoping to get Australian girls thinking about a future of career possibilities in STEM, to start shifting the gender imbalance which currently exists.