Photo by the smooth-haired specialist, Yuko. She is smiling and wearing a medium fringe on her straight hair.

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Yuko, the straight hair master

Everyday effortless

Back when she was a schoolgirl, Yuko used to hate spending all day combatting frizz. Since then, she’s developed a passion hair that’s silky and oh-so smooth. With a straight hair treatment that’s taken the world by storm, she loves helping millions of girls like us keep their locks locked. Forget fancy ‘dos and OTT looks. For Yuko, it’s all about making every day styling easy and effortless. Here are a few of her top tips.

My philosophy is to combine simplicity with perfection”


Yuko's Tips

  • 1

    Cool it

    Blast with cool water in the shower and cool air when drying to lock in shine.

  • 2

    Lighten it up

    Just apply treatment to the ends to stop your hair feeling flat.

  • 3

    Celebrate it

    Don’t be bored of straight. Add a cute headband or try a new updo.

Straight and light

Nobody wants to spend all morning fighting the frizz and heavy hair. Yuko believes that we can have straight, adorable hair, full of movement. A tip? Start with your shower. Use a shampoo and a conditioner for straight hair to increase hydration. When you leave the shower, don't rub your hair vigorously, pat it dry with a towel.

Yuko also says that using a lot of thermal products and treatments is not always a wise move. Try to dry your hair from top to bottom at a low temperature to keep the hair glossy and even more shiny. And try not to use hair straighteners to straighten your hair - with time, this will only dehydrate your hair. Also, keep a styling cream with you to straighten your hair easily during the day. Yuko has been working with Sunsilk to create an incredible line of products to keep your hair straight and full of life. With the Perfect Straight line, your hair ends up straight and well-aligned, without appearing heavy, so that your hair can dance all night long!